Prototype Services

Do you have a concept or an idea that you are looking to turn into a working prototype? One of the challenges with the traditional manufacturing lifecycle is that you need to invest in the creation of expensive molds early on in the development of a new product. This investment is often in the thousands of dollars and any changes after the molds are created can be equally expensive. We can provide a working prototype for a fraction of the cost of creating molds and allow you to refine your prototype before making a large financial commitment. This iterative, low cost approach allows for greater innovation, improved quality, and lower financial risk.

Our team focuses on four core ideas when assisting clients:


Conceptual Design Consultation

We provide consulting on completing conceptual designs and adapting the for the wide range of production processes.

CAD Design Development

We create design files from physical or conceptual designs using the latest Computer Assisted Design (CAD) software.

Fit, Form and Function Testing

We generate single or multi-colour and single or multi-material prototypes using our single or dual extruder 3D Printers.

Production Printing

We offer low volume, highly customized 3D printing for market testing.

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