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The INFINITY 3D was developed with over twenty years of aviation engineering concepts - modular, robust and innovative. The concept of constant innovation and advancement can be applied to every single component of the INFINITY 3D.



Aluminium Frame

As a benchmark material for industry development, aluminum was a natural choice to develop a lightweight, durable and strong frame that will allow for augmentation as our technology advances.

Our CNC machined and powder-coated aluminium frames are naturally corrosion-resistant and 100% recyclable, making them more environmentally friendly than the alternatives.

 madeincanada.png The printer frame is proudly developed, manufactured and assembled in Canada.



Single, Dual and Custom Extruders

Our extruders are precision machined from a solid block of aluminium, which guarantees incomparable accuracy in temperatures up to 300° C using any material on the market.

Our custom extruder allows for printing flexible materials without unnecessary drag or friction. Printing elastomers has never been so simple.

Unlike our competition, our extruders are easily exchanged with a modular adaptor that allows for one printer to do many jobs.

Heated Bed and Glass Build Plate

Printing without a heated bed is a thing of the past. With the large variety of materials on the market, a heated bed is essential to ensure success. The build platform is adjusted for an even printing surface. No need to adjust, we have already done that work for you.

Our build plate is designed to allow for quick and easy removal. Keep several build plates on hand to continue printing without interruption. We highly recommend the use of 3D LAC build plate adhesive for easy and quick printing.

The XZ Axis

The rigid construction of the X and Z axis is what makes this printer so reliable. The X and Z axes are a standalone component which reduces weight, parts count and eases maintenance. Dual 10 mm hardened rods with linear bearings on both axes provides a solid foundation for a variety of extruders while maintaining high degree of accuracy and quality. The optical stop on the Z axis provides precise positioning to ensure every print starts successfully.

The extruder carriage is mounted on the X axis and provides the universal mount for our current and future extruders. The wiring harness provides for easy replacement. Simplicity, engineered.

Full Control at your fingertips


Full Control at your fingertips

MatterControl Touch for Revolution 3D Printers is an open-source based, user friendly and fully accessible software created for control freaks like us. Manipulate your design by scaling, rotating, repairing and multiplying. Control temperature, layer height, infill, speeds, support materials, rafts and skirts.

Use the presets we have created for you or design your own. Quality presets are already preloaded to turn on and start printing. Material presets for PLA, ABS and several Taulman nylons have already been preprogrammed and tested in our lab. Create your own presets for different prints, materials or designs.

The Touch has WIFI capability which allows you to wirelessly upload files and monitor your print. The onboard camera can take a photo of your print and send you a notification when its finished. Keep track of your prints with a print history and a design library.




So many spools, one solution

With so many different materials, there are many different types of spools. With our universal spool holders, use any type of spool you like. Find a spool that doesn't fit, send us the dimensions and we can send you a file to print your own.

Our spool holders reduce drag and will not tangle or damage your filament. The bearing-mounted spool holders allow for a smooth feed rate, creating a print free of any skips or holes due to filament drag.


Many Materials...

  • PLA

  • ColorFabb PLA+PHA

  • ColorFabb XT


  • Taulman PLAdium PLA+PMMA

  • ProtoPasta Carbon Fiber PLA

  • ABS

  • HIPS


most 3D printers

  • PLA

  • ABS


  • FilaFlex

  • NinjaFlex

  • Taulman PCTPE

  • Taulman BluPrint

  • Taulman Bridge

  • Taulman Alloy 910

  • Taulman 680 FDA Nylon

  • Taulman T-Glase


  • Taulman 618 Nylon

  • Taulman 645 Nylon

  • Igus Iglidur

  • ColorFabb Bronzefill

  • ColorFabb CopperFill

  • ColorFabb WoodFill

  • ColorFabb BambooFill

  • Polycarbonates

                               ...and counting

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